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The challenge

The world is overusing its resources, and commodity prices are rising while landfills are filling up.
Circular business models are increasingly replacing linear ones, but it is challenging for companies to move from primary raw material to secondary raw material.


The solution

Valuable raw material must be used instead of wasted.
An open, regulated market place for secondary raw material ensure regular supply of raw material of known quality and price, enabling both sellers and buyers secure and valuable trade opportunities.


Minhoca solution

The Minhoca secondary raw material exchange ensures quality, traceability and transparency of traded goods across sectors and borders. To support clients in their decision to move to secondary raw material, we will establish the Minhoca Knowledge Network of NGOs, RD&I institutions, universities and other companies 

An AI based support system will be developed to ensure access to existing information about circular economy and secondary raw material.


The market

Minhoca focuses on industrial sectors, and will start out in the marine sector. There already is a growing market of by-products trading, however not an open market. As more than 30% of the fish volume is wasted worldwide, the potential for improvement is huge. 

The plastic waste sector is another where Minhoca's solution will contribute to increased value creation by material trading, recycling and reuse.


The team

The Minhoca team consists of two internationally experienced business professionals based in Norway and Brazil with background from various industry, venture capital and lean development.


Helle Moen

Mob. +47 977 86 406


Fernanda Fortes

Mob. +55 18 99649 4272